Bereavement: Individual Journeys

Memoirs, journals, self-published pieces and more describing their individual experiences with loss and grief. Imagine the countless ways we can suffer from loss. Only a fraction of these have been touched upon by personal accounts in writing. Loss is not unique; however, the emotional struggle of grief from that loss is unique to each person. At times, we can find comfort and a sense of normalcy in others’ experiences. These books prove that you are not alone in your struggles. Perhaps your personal grief can help another?

                                          Fractured Not Broken: a Memoir by [Weidenbenner, Michelle, Schaefer,Kelly]                           


48 Books on Death

Before I Die   Before I Die   Grave Expectations   The Work of the Dead   Rest in Pieces   Cemetery Gates   Euthanasia  Euthanasia, Choice and Death  I Found A Dead Bird  The End-of-life Namaste Care Program for People With Dementia  Suicide  Death  This Republic of Suffering  Illuminating the Afterlife  Wolves, Jackals, and Foxes  Heidegger and A Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates  The Right to Die  A Parent's Guide to Raising Grieving Children  Eternal Life  The Right to Die  What Is Death?  Life After Death  Modern Death  The Dying Game  Caring for the Dying  Death Week  R.I.P  In the Presence of Grief  What Does That Mean?  Losing Someone You Love  The Good Death  When Dinosaurs Die  Ethical Issues in Death and Dying    The A-Z of Death and Dying  Death's Door  Ultimate Journey  Death and Dying, Life and Living  Death and Dying  Death and Dying  Death and Dying  Death on Demand  Your Grieving Child  Life Lessons  In This Timeless Time  The Journey Into Spirit  Questions and Answers on Death and Dying  On Death and Dying  The Whole Death Catalog